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29 1924


Eighth Schedule.

Grades to which Part IV of the Act Applies.

Section 55 (3).



Grades Embraced


Station Masters

Station Masters, Goods Agents, Yard Masters, Assistant Yard Masters, Passenger and Parcels Agents.


Clerks (Male and Female).


Traffic Controllers, Traffic Department Inspectors, Goods Department Inspectors and Foremen, Permanent Way Inspectors, Signal and Telegraph Inspectors, Locomotive Foremen, Locomotive Running Inspectors, Carriage and Wagon Inspectors, Ticket Inspectors.


Signalmen, etc.

Guards, etc.

Signalmen, Crossing Keepers.

Passenger Guards, Goods Guards, Ballast Guards, Passenger Shunters, Goods Shunters, Yard Foremen.

Traffic Staff

Cloakroom and Lost Property Office Attendants, Excess Luggage Collectors, Station Foremen, Porters, Parcels Foremen, Parcels Porters, Ticket Collectors, Head Porters, Messengers.

Goods Staff

Cartage Staff

Carriage and Wagon Examiners.

Checkers, Callers-off, Porters, Working Foremen, Head Porters.

Carters, Road Motor Drivers, Working Foremen.

Carriage Examiners, Chargemen, Wagon Examiners, Carriage and Wagon Oilers and Greasers.


Drivers, etc.

Shed Staff, etc.

Engine Drivers, and Rail Motor Men, Firemen, Cleaners.

Chargemen, Engine Cleaners, Barmen, Boilerwashers, Callers-Up, Coalmen, Cranemen, Fire-droppers, Gland Packers, Pumping Enginemen, Sandmen, Shed Labourers, Steam Raisers, Stores Issuers, Timekeepers (Non-clerical), Tube Cleaners.


Gangers, etc.

Signal and Telegraph Linemen, etc.

Gangers (Permanent Way), Platelayers, Inspectors, Timekeepers, Labourers, Toolmen.

Chief Linemen, Chargemen, Linemen, Gangers (Signal and Telegraph), Installers, Labourers, Wiremen and Fixers.