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29 1924


Fourth Schedule.

Provisions relating to the submission of Schemes.

Section 9 (2).

The scheme to be submitted shall be submitted to the proprietors and debenture stock-holders of each company affected thereby at a meeting held specially for that purpose.

Such meeting shall be called by advertisement inserted once in each of two consecutive weeks in some one and the same newspaper published in Dublin, and in some one and the same newspaper of the county or counties in which the principal office or offices of any such company is or are situate; and also by a circular addressed to each proprietor and debenture stock-holder at his last known or usual address, and sent by post or delivered at such address not less than seven days before the holding of such meeting, enclosing a blank form of proxy, with proper instructions for the use of the same; and the same form of proxy and the same instructions, and none other shall be sent to every such proprietor and debenture stock-holder; but no such form of proxy shall be stamped before it is sent out, nor shall the funds of any company be used for the stamping of any proxies, nor shall intimation be sent as to any person in whose favour the proxy may be granted, and no other circular or form of proxy relating to such meeting shall be sent to any proprietor or debenture stock-holder from the office of any company, or by any director or officer of any company so describing himself.

Such meeting shall be held not earlier than the seventh day after the last insertion of such advertisement, and may be held on the same day as an ordinary general meeting of the company.

At such meeting the said scheme shall be submitted to the proprietors and debenture stock-holders aforesaid then present, and shall be approved of by the proprietors present in person or by proxy and holding at least three-fourths of the paid-up capital of the company (being capital carrying a right to vote at all ordinary meetings of the company) held by proprietors present as aforesaid at the meeting. Proprietors of any paid-up shares or stock, including debenture stock, not qualified to vote at ordinary meetings, whose interests may be affected by the scheme, may tender their votes at the meeting, and all votes so tendered shall be recorded separately.

The names of the proprietors and debenture stock-holders present in person at the meeting shall be recorded by the company and a copy of such record shall be sent to the railway tribunal. For this purpose the meeting, and any other consecutive meetings, whether general or special, and whether preceding or following it, shall be deemed to be the same meeting. A poll may be demanded by any proprietor present in person at the meeting.