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25 1946



The Standards Committee.

The Standards Committee.

11. —(1) There shall be a body to be called the Standards Committee to fulfil the functions assigned to it by this Act.

(2) The Standards Committee shall consist of seven members, of whom three and no more shall be members of the Industrial Research Committee.

(3) The Standards Committee shall be appointed triennially by the Minister.

(4) The appointment, resignation and removal of members and the proceedings of the Standards Committee shall be governed by the rules in the Second Schedule to this Act.

Exercise of certain functions of Institute by Standards Committee.

12. —The Standards Committee shall act in the name and on behalf of the Institute in the exercise of the functions of the Institute under section 20 of this Act and the acts of the said Committee, in exercise of the powers conferred by this section, shall be the acts of the Institute.

Remuneration of members.

13. —There may be paid, out of moneys at the disposal of the Institute, to members of the Standards Committee such remuneration and expenses as the Industrial Research Committee may determine.