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25 1946



The Director of Industrial Research and Standards.

The Director of Industrial Research and Standards.

14. —(1) The Director of Industrial Research and Standards shall be appointed by the Minister and may, if the Minister thinks proper, be removed by him on his own initiative or on the recommendation of the Industrial Research Committee, for stated reasons.

(2) The remuneration, tenure of office and conditions of service of a person appointed to be the Director shall be such as the Minister, after consultation with the Minister for Finance, shall determine when appointing him.

Functions of the Director.

15. —The primary duties of the Director shall be to direct and supervise—

(a) the conduct of research decided upon by the Industrial Research Committee, and

(b) subject to the directions of the Standards Committee, the formulation of specifications in accordance with section 20 of this Act,

but, subject thereto, he may, independently of the Industrial Research Committee,' conduct such research as he thinks proper on behalf of the Institute.

Right of audience at meetings.

16. —The Director may attend and speak at all meetings of the Council, the Industrial Research Committee and the Standards Committee, but he shall not have the right to vote at any such meeting.

Director's advisory committees.

17. —(1) The Director may appoint advisory committees to consult with and advise him in relation to any of his functions subject, in the case of functions with which the Industrial Research Committee or the Standards Committee is concerned, to the prior consent of the Committee concerned.

(2) There may be paid, out of moneys at the disposal of the Institute, to members of an advisory committee duly appointed under subsection (1) of this section such expenses of travel and subsistence as the Industrial Research Committee may determine.