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5 1955



Bord Fáilte Éireann.

Name of Board.

5. —The Board heretofore known as An Bord Fáilte shall be known as Bord Fáilte Éireann.

Additional functions.

6. —The Board shall have the following additional functions—

(a) to engage in any kind of publicity, both inside and outside the State, in connection with tourist traffic, including the advertising of the advantages and amenities of places in the State as holiday resorts;

(b) to prepare and publish guide books, itineraries, time-tables and other publications for the information of tourists;

(c) to establish, equip and operate or assist in the operation of tourist information bureaux, or any similar form of agency in connection with tourist publicity, both inside and outside the State;

(d) to co-operate with other bodies in connection with tourist publicity.

Non-repayable grant.

7. —(1) In each financial year the Minister, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, may pay to the Board out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas such sums, not exceeding in the aggregate five hundred thousand pounds in any one financial year, as the Board shall from time to time require.

(2) Sums paid under this section shall not be repayable.

Grants from other sources.

8. —(1) The Board may accept grants of money from an approved company under the Tourist Traffic (Development) Act, 1931 (No. 15 of 1931), or from any other source.

(2) The Board shall notify the Minister of every grant received under this section and shall utilise such grants for the purposes of its functions under this Part.

Amendment of Tourist Traffic (Development) Act, 1931.

9. —Subsection (8) of section 3 of the Tourist Traffic (Development) Act, 1931 (No. 15 of 1931), is hereby amended by the substitution of a reference to the Board for the reference to Fógra Fáilte (inserted therein by section 37 of the Act of 1952).