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7 1965



Records, Returns and Information

Form of official books and preservation and inspection of entries therein.

122. —(1) Every book which, in pursuance of this Act or of regulations, is provided by the owner of a mine or quarry for the entry of any report, record or other item of information shall be in such form as the Minister may direct.

(2) Every entry made in any such book or a copy of that entry shall be preserved for three years or such other longer or shorter period as may be prescribed for a particular class of entry and, until no longer required to be preserved, shall be kept at the office at the mine or quarry to which it relates or at such other place as may be approved by an inspector and shall be open to inspection by, or by a person authorised in that behalf in writing by, any person employed at that mine or quarry.

Posting of notices.

123. —(1) At all times at which persons are employed at a mine or quarry there shall be kept posted thereat a notice of the name of the mine or quarry, the name and address of the owner and the name of the manager.

(2) Where, in the case of a mine or quarry,—

(a) regulations affecting it are made, or

(b) a notice is served under this Act by an inspector on the responsible person,

notice of the making of the regulations or of the service of the notice shall be kept posted at the mine or quarry at all times during a prescribed period.

(3) All notices to which this section relates shall be posted in such characters and in such positions as to be easily seen and read by the persons employed, and if a form is specified by the Minister for any such notice, it shall be posted in that form.

(4) It shall be the duty of the manager to keep, at the mine or quarry, copies of this Act and of any orders, regulations and rules affecting the mine or quarry and to permit persons employed to read them at all reasonable times.

Periodical returns by owners.

124. —(1) It shall be the duty of the owner of a mine or quarry if directed so to do by the Minister, to furnish to him, within such period and in such form and manner as may be specified in the direction, such returns and statistics relating to the mine or quarry, and such other information (if any) relating thereto, as may be so specified.

(2) No returns, statistics or other information obtained under this section shall, without the consent in writing of the person carrying on the undertaking, be disclosed except—

(a) with the consent of the Minister, to specified persons, being officers of a State authority, namely, a Minister of State, the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland or the Land Commission, where the Minister is satisfied that it is necessary for the proper discharge of the functions of that State authority so to do, or

(b) in the form of a summary of similar returns, statistics or other information furnished by a number of owners of mines or quarries, being a summary so framed as not to enable particulars relating to the undertaking of a particular person to be ascertained therefrom, or

(c) for the purposes of any proceedings for an offence under this Act or any report of any such proceedings.

Notification of beginning and ending of certain mining and quarrying operations.

125. —(1) The owner of a mine or quarry shall give notice to an inspector of any of the following events—

(a) the beginning of operations for opening a mine, seam or vein, or a quarry or driving a new shaft or outlet of a mine;

(b) the abandonment of a mine, shaft, outlet, seam or vein, or of a quarry;

(c) the expiration of, in the case of a mine, seam or vein, two months, and, in the case of a quarry, twelve months, from the day on which it was last worked for getting minerals or products thereof;

(d) the expiration of two months from the day on which a shaft or outlet was last used;

(e) the resumption of working after abandonment or after the expiration of any such period.

(2) The notice shall be given within two weeks after the happening of the event.

(3) Where—

(a) a mine, seam or vein is abandoned within two months, or a quarry within twelve months, after it was last worked for getting minerals or products thereof, or

(b) a shaft or outlet is abandoned within two months after it was last used,

it shall not be necessary to give notice of the expiration of such period.

Notification of change of ownership or name of mine or quarry.

126. —(1) Where a change occurs in the ownership or name of a mine or quarry, the owner shall, within two weeks after the change occurs, give notice thereof to an inspector.

(2) For the purposes of this section a name shall be deemed to be changed if its spelling is altered.