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13 1977




Provision of staff to committees of agriculture.

70. —(1) The Authority shall make available to every committee of agriculture the services of—

(a) a Chief Agricultural Officer (as defined in section 36 (3) for the purposes of this Act) to act as secretary and accountant to such committee and to perform such other duties as were duties of the officer who held the post of Chief Agricultural Officer to such committee immediately before the commencement of sections 12 and 15, and

(b) such clerical staff as may be suitable and necessary to perform the clerical work arising in the carrying out by such committee of its functions under this Act.

(2) Every committee of agriculture shall, in each financial year, pay to the Authority in respect of the services referred to in subsection (1) such sum as may be agreed between the committee and the Authority or, in default of agreement, as may be determined by the Minister.

Audit of accounts of committees of agriculture.

71. —For the purpose of the requirements of the Local Government Acts in relation to the auditing of accounts of local authorities, the Chief Agricultural Officer shall be regarded as and shall be an officer of the committee of agriculture concerned.

Duties, etc. under Johnstown Castle Agricultural College Acts, 1945 and 1959.

72. —Every duty, obligation and restriction imposed on the Institute by the Johnstown Castle Agricultural College Act, 1945 , and the Johnstown Castle Agricultural College (Amendment) Act, 1959 , shall, on the establishment of the Authority, become and be a duty, obligation or restriction, as the case may be, on the Authority.