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1 1981



Fuel Scheme

Cheap fuel scheme.

[1957 MP, s. 4]

289. —(1) In this Chapter—

cheap fuel scheme” means a scheme approved of by the Minister for the provision of fuel for specified categories of persons;

timber” means timber (including growing timber) suitable for use as, or for conversion into, firewood;

urban authority” means any body which is—

(a) the corporation of a county borough,

(b) the corporation of a borough other than a county borough,

(c) the council of an urban district, or

(d) the commissioners of a town.

(2) For the purposes of a cheap fuel scheme made by an urban authority, that authority may—

(a) acquire by agreement any timber or turf,

(b) by direct labour or contract, fell any timber so acquired,

(c) by direct labour or contract, convert or partly convert any timber so acquired into firewood, and

(d) transport, store, sell or dispose of any timber or turf so acquired.

(3) Nothing in subsection (2) shall be construed as restricting the operation of the Forestry Acts, 1946 to 1976.