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Computational provisions

Making of deductions.

[ITA67 s111(4) and s112; FA90 s19(b)(proviso)]

113. —(1) In this section, “emoluments” means all salaries, fees, wages, perquisites or profits or gains whatever arising from an office or employment, or the amount of any annuity, pension or stipend, as the case may be.

(2) Any deduction from emoluments allowed under the Income Tax Acts for the purpose of computing an assessment to income tax under Schedule E shall be made by reference to the amount paid or borne for the year or portion of the year on the emoluments of which the computation is made.

General rule as to deductions.

[ITA67 Sch2 rule3; FA96 s132(2) and Sch5 PtII]

114. —Where the holder of an office or employment of profit is necessarily obliged to incur and defray out of the emoluments of the office or employment of profit expenses of travelling in the performance of the duties of that office or employment, or otherwise to expend money wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of those duties, there may be deducted from the emoluments to be assessed the expenses so necessarily incurred and defrayed.

Fixed deduction for certain classes of persons.

[ITA67 Sch2 rule 4]

115. —Where the Minister for Finance is satisfied, with respect to any class of persons in receipt of any salary, fees or emoluments payable out of the public revenue, that such persons are obliged to lay out and expend money wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties in respect of which such salary, fees or emoluments are payable, the Minister for Finance may fix such sum as in that Minister's opinion represents a fair equivalent of the average annual amount so laid out and expended by persons of that class, and in charging the tax on such salary, fees or emoluments, there shall be deducted from the amount of such salary, fees or emoluments the sums so fixed by the Minister for Finance; but, if any person would but for this section be entitled to deduct a larger amount than the sum so fixed, that sum may be deducted instead of the sum so fixed.